[Line out] quickly taken lineout poll #2

quickly taken lineout poll #2

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Jan 27, 2004
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Team A kick ball into touch.

B's thrower has the ball at the line of touch. Two players from A and two from B take up positions each side of the line of touch, and are joined by a A player in the tramlines, no obvious receivers are in place. Other potential/likely lineout participants are still meandering towards the line of touch, within the ten metres etc. There is chatter and directions being decided upon etc

B throws the ball in along the line of touch, further than 5 meters, down the middle etc, where it is caught by one of the two B platers in position, passed to another B player who passes the ball away...

Do you allow the lineout thus taken quickly before everybody has settled down etc etc?

(there's another thread for debate - this is a nice clean poll :) )