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Marc Wakeham

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Jan 5, 2018
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yer i know the bloke that created it/runs it. He is not doing it any more unfortunately, as a brilliant product, well made. Hopefully the WTR one can be as good once updated
That is a shame. I am /was interested in the 4th official app as well. I have the "assessor" app and find that good for me to do my club's feedback on referees
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Dec 20, 2018
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@whostheref if i get the apple 4, is there going to be a software upgrade in the future wheich means its no longer supported by this watch?
So that should not happen. The app is not based on a server at all and is just standalone on the watch. At somepoint you will stop getting updates as the apple watch 4 won't support the extra cpu power required or any new features. That just means the app will work fine as it does from it's final update and continue to do so as long as the watch holds out (battery life etc).
That does mean you won't get any updates to changes made to how the games are timed etc. For instance they have just added support for 20 min red cards. Once updates stop coming any changes like that (60 second for all kicks at goal etc) won't be reflected in the version you are running and you can't manually adjust them.

Dave Elliott

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Jan 20, 2004
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@whostheref and any others that have the App. Ive just got an apple watch and downloaded it. All looks great to me. I do have a few suggestions if your open to them @whostheref ?

But i have noticed that the 2 yellows auto converting to a red does not work. Can someone else see if it works their end please?