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  • Chopper,

    yankinoz is either an unpleasant wind up merchant or just unpleasant. As many of us have said to YOU (!) it is not about saying controversial things to develop "banter" it is about having a proper debate about the issues. yankinoz just throws insults about. refering to a ref's "pathetic face" making racist comments a board member these things are unacceptable.

    One thing I will give you credit for is that, will you can be a right pain in the backside, you have never been racist or rude on a personal level.

    I've lost patience with you, for reasons already communicated to you. BUT you are not in the same league as yankinoz.

    I also know that Rob Burns is going to "deal with" his acquaintance!

    Try not to be on a wind up so often. Ask the questions that fans ask but listen to the answers. Then we can live happily!
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