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  • Hi Mate

    Do you think you might be able to help with some local contacts for a mini tour we are looking to organise for April 2012?

    We were meant to be going to an event in Minehead but they've over booked and we've fopund out today we been dropped out!

    Plan B was a smaller affair maybe tied up with a trip to a Prem game, so London Irish V Sarries is looking like an option.

    Suggestion is to play a game Sat morning* and then go to game in the afternoon, stay in Reading overnight and then try and get a match Sunday* too.

    So the matches* is where i was hoping you might be able to help out with clubs that could host. I know the Sat game might be a bit of an ask, but no harm in trying i guess.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Wayne (BFG)
    Cant stay away huh? Good to see you the other day. Hope the ride was good- but I suspect it was a bit wet. Got soc msg re eyeprotection initiated by you. Did you getbthe society email on JF?
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