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  • Hey Robert,

    As the saying goes, better late than never. Just noticed you left me a message (just short of a year ago) in regards to what society I referee for. I'm part of the "Rugby Referee Society of NY" aka RRSNY which is a society in the USA.

    Hope that helps.

    Hi Robert,

    Just tried to put the very rude Ian on ignore. But I find I can't as he is "admin". Without doubt the rudest poster on the site. Amazing. Well I'd rather not get drawn by his crap any more so I'm off. Thanks for your efforts.

    Hi mate, liking the look of the kit, when you have it can you let me have shirt costs (100+) i know our kit guy is always looking for rates.

    are the shirts the lightweight Gilbert type material or are they the old cotton ones, I have one of their shirts from the Bournemouth 7's last year, nice shirt but too hot for start/end of the season.

    On a slightly different note, Wert might not want you to refer to her as a "her" on your original post i know she likes to keep her anonymity??
    Hi Mate

    Please put me down for a cap and shirt (50-52" XXL?)

    Please can you confirm the cost for this inc PnP.


    just as a note, unless i come back to this "conversation" i don't seem to get any notice there's a new message for me? is this correct?

    re the website, no i'm not the webmaster but if there is adiiferent version send it to jason@weetree.co.uk


    RWC, Sweep.

    Hi Robert i've just paid my entry fee but was unable (or didn't see where to do it) to put my user name in? so the $10.00 from Wayne Davis is me :hap:
    Does look good, are you the webmaster? Are you able to use the flash version? it will work much more smoothly and not look as rough.
    Hi Robert,

    top job on the new site, just need now to find my way around it!

    Quick question, have you deliberately left peoles Grade/position etc off their profile? I always found it useful to know who was posting stuff i.e. were they a new L13 or a seasoned L7?


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