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  • Simon,

    Do you know who is organising refs for the Winchester 7s or if they are short?

    L10 here might be available if appropriate.

    Alan ............
    Hi Ed

    My email is and the referee's is

    Best regards

    Hi Simon

    Ed Burt here, from Amersham and Chiltern.
    I've been meaning to send you a link to the Newbury game from the 15/01 but I've lost your email address.
    Also, the address the ref sent me for that day has not come through.

    I was wondering if you would be kind enough to email your details, and the refs from that day if you have them?

    Many thanks

    Hi Simon

    the video is the new Referee Education Modules, its in the youth section, module 8 clip 2, the explination given is PK for hand off to the face?

    On a different note have you heard of any issues with the Sending Off pdf form? Ive tried to do one tonight but when ever i send it, the form arrives blank??? It's fine before leaving but blank when the Discipline guy gets it, sent it to another email and blank there too??



    How did Old Reds do?
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