1. Dave Elliott

    Fitness Training ( At last )

    So tonight is my first attendance at the Berkshire Refs fitness training, and i really need it. Running alone is ok, but in a group of your peers it is far harder to give up, so you push that bit harder, thus get fitter. So Reading RFC are kindly allowing us to use their facilities again, and...
  2. L'irlandais

    Study by French Union reveals rugby's most dangerous positions

    French (clickable) injury study by position : :france: A three-year study into French rugby union injuries determines which are the safest and most dangerous positions to play. The study of the French national league, the Top 14, commissioned by LNR (Ligue Nationale de Rugby) and FFR...
  3. O

    Dissertation Review - Boots and Injury

    Hi y'all, Im currently looking at titles for my Disser for next year, and been told to try and do some initial research, as i'll be getting my own data. Basically, if anyone has had any ankle/heel injuries can you please just tell me and also what boots you wear and what style of stud they...
  4. L

    Yo-yo test

    Is there anybody who can give me some help as to how it works and does anybody have an audio file for the Yo-yo test itself? I am well versed in the Bleep Test but I'll admit that this one is new to me.
  5. F

    New Fitness Blog Aimed at Amateur Rugby Players

    Hi Everyone, I highly recommend that you check out a new monthly fitness blog on FindRugbyNow. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular rugby fitness blogs out there! The latest blog is about improving acceleration and last month was building power and explosiveness. Definitely worth a...