1. thepercy

    [In-goal] 6.11.A

    I was reading Law 6 for another post and read something that stuck out to me. 6.11 If the ball-carrier touches the referee or other non-player in in-goal and either team gains an advantage: (A) If the ball is in possession of an attacking player, the referee awards a try where the contact...
  2. C

    [Law] 22 or 5m attacking scrum ?

    Just doing my weekly revision of the law book and came across this oddity. Never seen this happen but I wonder how many refs would get the right decision here ? Red attacking blue's goal line. Blue 9 passes back to his 10 ( who is standing in-goal). 10 is obviously going to attempt a clearance...
  3. V

    [In-goal] Ball lost backwards across dead ball line

    Learned colleagues, was the decision to award a 5-metre scrum to Team A in the following instances correct? a. Team A hoofs the ball into Team B's in-goal, where a scrambling Team B player tries to catch it. The ball slips backwards through his hands, hits the ground, and rolls across his...
  4. J

    Weird In-Goal Play Question

    Hi, I had a weird question about a play that I saw occur in a team's own in-goal area. I'll preface this by saying it was a D1 College Men's rugby match in the USA. What happened was an attacking player from team A was close to scoring a try against team B. The player from team A grubbered...