1. chbg

    [Line out] RFU Under 14 & Under 15 NRoP: Line out

    2 questions: 1. What is an 'Uncontested Lineout'? More specifically, when is the opposition allowed to re-start the contest? 2. Under 15 only: is lifting and supporting only permitted for the throwing in side (as there is 'no contest' for the ball)? (Not that I can any tactical point in...
  2. J

    penalty kick bounces before touch

    I have always given the kicking team the throw in even if the ball bounces before it goes into touch. I was questioned on this today. Am I right? I can't find a reference in the law book
  3. R

    Does Team need to have a receiver?

    I refereed at a 7s tournament on Saturday and the teams were having troubles forming the lineout. Blue had the throw-in and put 3 players in the line-out with no receiver. Red had 2 players in the line-out and a receiver standing 2 m from the line-out. I told Blue they needed to have a...