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    Height restriction?

    Hey there, I'm a player just looking for some clarification might be a really stupid question. Recently played a game with a 9 on the opposite team who was under 5 foot, I was say he was 4'7-4'8. As you can imagine this made it incredibly difficult to tackle him without it being high. I...
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    [Law] Regarding a Try

    Hello all, first post here, hope I don't make anything wrong :hap: Today I was looking at the 2018 laws and noticed something that looked a bit different to me: 8.2: A try is scored when an attacking player: e) Who is in touch or touch-in-goal, grounds the ball in the opponents’ in-goal...
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    [Ruck] New tactics being deployed from new law changes

    I enjoy listening to the Rugby Dungeon podcast and a recent episode with Glasgow coach, Kenny Murray was interesting when he talked about the new tactics they were hoping to exploit this season. I hadn't seen it coming so.thought it worth tipping off fellow refs on here. Now (2017), a ruck is...