1. Flish

    In touch?

    This one doesn’t seem to tick any of the in-touch or not in-touch examples. Ball is kicked, crosses the plain of touch where a player (who starts and finishes outside the playing area) jumps up, and whilst off the ground bats the ball backwards and into the the field of play. To be clear, at...
  2. C

    [Law] New Laws. 19. Ball has reached or crossed the touchline ?

    Just re-reading the preamble DEFINITIONS to law 19. There are some changes for this season (2017) and I wanted to get rid of some confusion that occurs to me here. In some places , I read "if the ball has reached the plane of touch" and, in some other phrases we see "if the ball has crossed"...
  3. R

    Knock on into touch - option?

    The latest law trial for knock on "straight" into touch, option of scrum at the knock on or lineout where the ball crossed the line. My question: does it matter whether the ball bounced in-play before going into touch? If the ball bounces in play and then goes into touch, do you still provide...
  4. Chogan

    Cory Jane, Touch no try

    While CJ was in touch, I'm curious/puzzled as to wheather or not CJ was legal in his final act in gathering possession. This being the moment he jumps from in touch, catches the ball and lands in the field of play