Fitness during lockdown


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Nov 8, 2018
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I've done far more exercise in the last year than than at any time since my 20s, am drinking about half what I was before lockdown and haven't lost a pound. Can't work it out. On the upside though I do feel morally superior plodding round the streets and look forward to a beer in the kitchen with my sons on a Friday evening.

On a more serious note though I ran into one of the 1st XV forwards from my club over the weekend and he was saying that although they've been doing a load of fitness training in preparation for a round robin tournamnet that has been arranged, the biggest talking point is concern over the physical contact side when it resumes. No one has played or taken a hit for a year now.


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Apr 20, 2012
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Springfield, IL
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Our's is going to be a big girl. Her mother is 5'11''. She's already got the grip and the decibels.

Ours has had the decibels since the jump (we had to almost-mute the baby monitor), and has a habit of picking up and carrying her toy grocery cart.

The only question is whether she'll be the lifter or the jumper. Mom passed on the tall gene from maternal grandpa's side, and she loves being lifted lineout-style (I just have to be sitting while doing it or her head will hit the ceiling).