My first BIG! week

Owen Bisto Taylor

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Oct 18, 2013
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After a long day making insoles (what a life!) I went to my first EMRURS meeting! after the housekeeping, there was a presentation from a national panel referee and the director of Cambridge RUFC, all about the tackle and the breakdown... and I actually really enjoyed it! Although a lot of my interpretations of the clips shown weren't sport on, the presentation really made me think!

After getting kitted up (rugby boys love some stash! :love: <3), I set off home excited for my first game on the Saturday... yes i got the date wrong last week, but its in the Filofax!!

When i logged in to do a few things for the Uni team, to my surprise, I was also given another game on the sunday!!! Nhans Casuals U14 and a team called Stuart and Lloyds' U14s. So.... this weekend will see my first game, AND second game. Safe to say that im nervous, but hopefully all will be well.

Safe to say, after a busy week at uni... and these two games, I will be glad to get my fee up on my uncomfortable sofa and watch some England highlights!