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Apr 27, 2008
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week 20 -new year's day -no game but day at the london parade as am lunch host to 16 Texas CHEERLEADERS (it's a tough job but...). torrential cold rain but the gutsy daughters of the republic are one of the 20% of partcipants who go the distance (finishing like drowned but pretty rats). Brisk rub down with warm towels (it's a tough job....) and hot toddies soon perks them up though.
Training 1 pt, 3 cardio 1 zumba, 1 pilates.

WEEK 21- local low level derby- hobble through it easily enough.
midweek- decent student game, homers lose narrowly.
Training 1 pt, 3 cardio , 1 pilates BUT after thursday cardio am showering when hit the deck like shot- thought had slipped disc but is recurrence of old SI injury. Can't walk Friday morning but eventually limp to gym to stretch it out. Sat. game VP remarks "were you having trouble walking though you looked o.k when you eventaully broke into that gentle jog of yours"

WEEK 22-Top schools game then youth and ladies on the sunday. -all good -ladies is a draw and get "awarded" with their xmas nude (but tasteful) calender.
midweek- students - lower level but feisty.
Training- 1 PT, 3 cardio, 1 zumba, 1 spin.
PASS (just) both Coopers and IRB AR (well the old one which i suspect has been made harder) fitness tests. Decline to even attempt my JAM standard or my trainers fiendish VO2 one (rising treadmill, facemask,capacitor and monitor HELL)
Cards average down to 3.8 but hey thats still 95% approval.

WEEK 22- Local clubs VP lunch but am good boy and leave the claret alone and ref the friendly afterrrds -with lots of advice from my fellow VP's. Good game though and catch up with the drinking after (is french themed night so lots of frolics and my "police national arbitre" shirt goes down a storm.)
Midweek- students cup game - artic wind , 10-10 at half time and am thinking -no way is this going to extra time and i should have done the nigel owens wimp thing and worn gloves. 25-17.
Training -1 pt ,4 cardio but have to go back to specialist with gammy shoulder- is getting worse, not responding to physio and am needing codeine to sleep. Ultrasound inconclusive though probably not "just" torn tendons as thought but rotator structural damage or smashed humural head cartilage/ac Advises complete rest and referral to national orthop. hospital but hey it's Vegas next week so pass the painkilllers please...