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    [Law] Contest in the air or deliberately knocked dead

    Red attacking and are 10 metres out from blue's goal line. A high kick is coming down between the posts and 1 metre into the in goal. Red 14 and Blue 15 leap into the air to contest the ball. Red 14 has judged it perfectly and appears to have 2 hands under the ball. Blue 15, appears in a weaker...
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    Your decision ?

    Watch this play from today's game. What do you give ?
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    Making the ball dead

    Here is the scenario: Red have a drop out from their 22 and kick the ball into Blues in-goal area. Blue defender running back then kicks the ball over the dead ball line or over the touch-in-goal line. Has this player legitimately made the ball 'dead' and therefore is awarded a scrum back or...
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    Weird In-Goal Play Question

    Hi, I had a weird question about a play that I saw occur in a team's own in-goal area. I'll preface this by saying it was a D1 College Men's rugby match in the USA. What happened was an attacking player from team A was close to scoring a try against team B. The player from team A grubbered...