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    [Law] Mark from a penalty

    I was wondering if the defending team can call a Mark if the attacking teams kick was from a penalty.
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    [Law] MARK - Is this a valid mark ?

    Blue kicks a penalty kick which misses the posts and is heading towards the red defender who is standing in his own in-goal area. Red defender ( shouts "MARK!" ) and tries to catch the ball but it rebounds of his chest and arms and bounces up into the air and forward about 1 metre. He...
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    [Law] on your Mark's

    Hello all, I am back with another question! Law 17.1(a) states: To claim a mark, a player must: a)Have at least one foot on or behind their own 22-metre line when catching the ball or when landing having caught it in the air... Now, suppose that Red 15 jumps to catch the ball, catches it...