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    [Maul] U11 maul

    I note the laws say the ball should be made available within 5 seconds of a maul being formed. Can I confirm therefore that this ‘use it’ requirement is in place even if the mail is moving forward? There is no reference in Appendix 5 to forward movement of a maul.
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    [Maul] Offside and joining the maul inside goal line, any differences?

    Hello everyone, here are the laws: 17.4 (a) The offside line. There are two offside lines parallel to the goal lines, one for each team. Each offside line runs through the hindmost foot of the hindmost player in the maul. If the hindmost foot of the hindmost player is on or behind the goal...
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    [Maul] Maul - Fiji v England RWC 2015

    Here are some questions about a game we all saw. There was a maul that was pulled down by Fiji near the goal line and referee Peyper awarded a penalty try. 17.4 (f) When players of the team who are not in possession of the ball in the maul voluntarily leave the maul such that there are no...
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    Ball carrier collapsing maul

    Blue takes the ball into contact and is kept up and a maul created, I shout 'maul keep it up' I often hear blue team shout go to ground. This usually results in the ball carrier hanging on to the ball with legs trailing. If he's knee touches the ground I should 'release blue'. They usually...
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    Stade Toulousain - Saracens

    So, there was this maul which ended unsuccessfully and, I quite frankly don't understand totally AR's decision nor what he says. Why is it Toulouse's ball in the subsequent scrum? Not a direct catch? AR's unsure of who put the ball in the maul nor who had possesion so attacking team's ball?