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    Should Refs Only Wear Black Shorts?

    Not a laws question, but I got a random grab pack of 3 shorts at an online rugby shop a while back on sale, and no surprise received 3 pairs of white shorts since no smart rugby player would buy $50 pairs of white shorts unless they loved laundry. ? I've always been told referees should only...
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    [Law] Advantage criteria

    Hello all, I have a question about advantage in general. Law 7 states: 2. Advantage ends when: a) The referee deems that the non-offending team has gained an advantage. The referee allows play to continue; What are the criteria of the referee on gaining advantage? When does the ref deem an...
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    Team Tours Direct - Seeking referees for Summer Festivals

    Team Tours Direct run some of the leading mini and junior rugby festivals in the UK and are currently seeking referees to cover two up coming events. The South Coast Festival 14/15th April in Torquay and The West Coast Festival 5/6th May in Ilfracoombe. All expenses will be covered by the...