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Sep 14, 2009
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If time expires, in which of these situations would the referee rule let play continue?
A One team is in the middle of an attacking movement
B The ball has been kicked dead
C A mark, free kick or penalty kick has been awarded
D The referee has already awarded a scrum or lineout

WR answer A,C,D

Anyone disagree with that?

For me there are two problems
B - there are lots of circumstances in which the ball is kicked dead, and yet play continues.
I can think of
- if the kick was a PK
- if the kick was a restart or 22m that goes directly to touch
- if the kick was a conversion kicked at 79:59 going dead at 80:02

The other one I am not sure of --
C - does play restart after a mark ?

Law 5 doesn't mention play continuing after mark

The quizmaster presumably considers the mark to be a type of FK, but I am not so sure: in Law 17 the referee does not award a Free Kick, he awards a Mark. I think they are different animals, albeit related
I think the half would then end (but I can see it's arguable - what do other people think)

[LAWS]7. A half ends when the ball becomes dead after time has expired unless:
a. A scrum, lineout or restart kick following a try or touchdown, awarded before time expired, has not been completed and the ball has not returned to open play. This includes when the scrum, lineout or restart kick is taken incorrectly.
b. The referee awards a free-kick or penalty.
c. A penalty is kicked directly to touch without the ball first being tapped and without the ball touching another player.
d. A try has been scored, in which case the referee allows time for the conversion to be taken.


Anyone else noticed a questionable answer in the quiz?
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Oct 7, 2004
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[LAWS]17.5 [FONT=fs_blakeregular]The player who claimed the mark takes the [/FONT][FONT=fs_blakeregular]free-kick[/FONT][FONT=fs_blakeregular] (in accordance with Law 20).[/FONT][/LAWS]