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  • Hi,

    Just wanted to pick your brain on the thread I started. It seems to have become an opinion poll rather than a place where I can get the facts. No bother on that because a forum is a discussion.

    I'm 2nd season in as reffing and of course I am making mistakes but I like to think that in points of law I don't make the same mistake twice.

    What is the actual law on a team that have taken the ball into the ingoal but then knock on? Should it also be a 5m scrum?

    I am happy that with the scenario I mentioned I would now give a 5m scrum. But your question for me questioning myself.

    I struggle a great deal with dyslexia. Wading through the law book (especially when it is.not written in plain English a lot of the time) proves to be difficult. I tend to learn by 'doing' and through chatting with other reffs better than through reading.

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