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    [CLUB RUGBY] Definition of ''in touch''

    Wasps v Saints , 34th minute and Wasps kick ball into touch , or so I thought ! Saints winger who was standing at least a metre in touch jumps up and whilst in mid air knocks the ball back into play and then lands in touch . Hasn't the ball touched ''anything beyond ( ie a player ) the touchline'' ?
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    Ball taken back into 22

    Clermont v Saracens 17/12. In 30th minute Clermont kicked downfield , ball was half charged down by Sarries player and carried on into Sarries 22 , Sarries fielded and were able to kick direct into touch . Wasn't the ball taken in by Sarries due to the half charge down ?
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    [In-goal] Drop out or scrum 5 ?

    Attacker kicks the ball which unintentionally ricochets off a defender ,for example a forward still in the scrum . Ball travels into In goal and is touched down .Is it still a Scrum 5 , even though defender didn't intentionally send ball into his in goal ?
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    When is a player who is in the air ''in touch'' ?

    I was running touch at weekend when I gave touch after yellow winger who was defending a penalty kick for touch , jumped up from his position on the pitch , crossed plane of touch and knocked the ball after it had crossed plane of touch back onto pitch , Winger claimed as he was in air he wasnt...
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    [Line out] Time elapsing

    I didn't see the game in question , but LO was awarded ,time then elapsed and the throw was then taken, but judged not straight . Whistle blew , non offending team opted for scrum , referee said that as time had elapsed they could only take LO option ? Was this correct ? I feel that the scrum...
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    coaching jargon

    I see theres a thread for referee jargon,but is there one for coaching jargon eg missile,wedge,jackle etc?
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    Is it mandatory to have a player in receiver position ? Laws make it clear that it is mandatory to have player in 5m channel,but not the receiver,law 19.8 i states where the receiver must stand,but doesnt say there must be one there,law 19.8 j makes it clear that team not throwing in must have a...
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    succesful end to a maul

    law 17.5,states maul has ended when the ball is on the ground.So why was an England player penalised for picking it up after the ball was dropped in the maul,unless he was infront of player who dropped it,so technically off side?Ref said that it was now a ruck.I was under the impression that a...
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    wrong team throws in line out!

    Happened to me today and resulted in a try for the team that incorrectly threw in.It was only after I had awarded the try and the kicker was lining up his conversion, that a member of the other team brought it to my attention.I realised a mistake had been made and acknowledged it , but as I had...
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    Wind assisted forward pass

    Reds attacking, gale force wind behind, red 12 releases ball legally, ie not towards the opponents dead ball line.The deliberately floated high pass then is blown towards his opponents dead ball line and it is caught by his winger at least 5metres ahead !Forward pass or play on ?
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    NZ RL try Vs England

    Did anyone see the flick back by the NZ player who lept into the air,crossed the touch line,flicked the ball which was also in mid air,in touch, back into play?The player eventually landed still in touch,but the ball was adjudicated in play. Same decision in union ? IMHO as the player landed in...
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    Unsuccessful turnover

    Red7 tackles blue player, 7 gets up legally, grabs ball, then is quickly wrapped up by supporting blue players.Ball unplayable, who gets put in ? All happened to me very quickly, think I gave blues put in, but felt red 7 was hard done by after great turn over.
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    Line out maul ?

    Saw this last night.Whites won LO, blues all stepped back, therefore no contact, whites proceeded to set it up and drive anyway, blues then claimed obstruction.Referee played on.Right or wrong under which law please ?
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    Current Law Book

    Please can anyone tell me where I can buy a hard copy Law book.Been on , can't see anything helpful there ?
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    reversing decision for retaliation

    Red late tackles white, white punches red, if that was all that happened, then straight forward white pen, reversed to red.however players from both sides then trade blows, all worthy of at least yellow.Ref decides to card the original 2 offenders plus a yellow for one more player from each...