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    Tackle question.

    Hello guys. Apologies for my basic question I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the rules of the game which can be very complicated at first! My question is two fold. When a player has been tackled why do players form a caterpillar of players over the ball without a ruck being...
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    Chiefs v Brumbies

    Surely Black seven has come in from the side? Full video is here. Due to the white support players clearing to the side, its appears a bit unclear on weather its a ruck or a tackle. But either way, 14.8c or 15.5 both cover side entry. Let me know what you think...
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    [Maul] Offside and joining the maul inside goal line, any differences?

    Hello everyone, here are the laws: 17.4 (a) The offside line. There are two offside lines parallel to the goal lines, one for each team. Each offside line runs through the hindmost foot of the hindmost player in the maul. If the hindmost foot of the hindmost player is on or behind the goal...
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    [Law] Can you be offside after charged down?

    I gave a recent offside penalty against a team who complained that it was accidental and unavoidable. In open play, blue attack and try a kick thru. Red charge it down so no knock on. However, in front of the red player who charged it down, are 3 of his team mates who pick up the ball. Are...
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    [Tackle] Offside after tackle?

    Hi everyone, please look at the picture: Blue 1 tackles Red 1, no Ruck is formed. Red 9 passes the ball to his team-mate, but Blue 4 grabs it (he was returning to his part of the field. Is this offside? Ball should be played from behind, but is Blue 4 to be considere playing the ball?
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    [Scrum] Confused about these 2 scrum laws. Help please !

    Law 20.12 (b) - Offside for scrum-halves. When a team has won the ball in a scrum, the scrum half of that team is offside if both feet are in front of the ball while it is still in the scrum. If the scrum half has only one foot in front of the ball, the scrum half is not offside. Hang on, as...
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    Charge down team player infront

    I had two charge downs at the weekend and not sure I got the calls right: 1 - Red kick down the park blue 15 picks up and kicks which is only partially charged down by red and still goes 25m. Retiring blue prop catches turns around and runs towards reds goal. I said nothing and he was soon...