1. R

    Tackle question.

    Hello guys. Apologies for my basic question I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the rules of the game which can be very complicated at first! My question is two fold. When a player has been tackled why do players form a caterpillar of players over the ball without a ruck being...
  2. L

    Ball carrier repeatedly getting to his feet and playing the ball

    I had this happen in a U19 game I reffed on Saturday. Blue ball carrier, strong runner, gets tackled, releases ball, gets to his feet, picks up ball, goes again. I don’t ping because he releases and got back to his feet before playing the ball again. This happened 3 times in probably 15 seconds...
  3. Dave Elliott

    Interesting story reference tackle height. Where will it lead?

    So it’s starting with training, but will this then follow through to he game, will we be seeing the legal tackle height dropping yet again, maybe even below the chest? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/58659263?fbclid=IwAR2G1Qsy-hIfDb5lQChDAVJiC5khLiqvSXGzFSJJ4IGfW_aQtucg5l6cF6c
  4. V

    [In-goal] Tackle from field of play into in-goal

    I was reading the Danny Care try thread (https://www.rugbyrefs.com/showthread.php?22041-Danny-Care-Try) and had a question - is it a tackle if it initially occurs on the field of play but ends up in-goal? Rather than hijack that thread, I thought I’d break it out. Consider the scenario: The...
  5. M

    [Tackle] I wonder how the game would be if we, referees, actually implemented the Tackle Law?

    Tackle Law PLAYER RESPONSIBILITIES Tacklers must: Immediately release the ball and the ball-carrier after both players go to ground. Immediately move away from the tackled player and from the ball or get up. Be on their feet before attempting to play the ball. Allow the tackled player to...
  6. M

    [Law] Wrong? definition of Tackled Player - time to redefine Tackler?

    While discussing no-tackler tackle situations, I have just found the definition of Tackled player might be not correct for allowing such situations, or the situation might just not allowed. According to the 2019 (and before) World Rugby Law Book, tackle related terms are defined as follows...
  7. Pablo

    [Tackle] South African schoolboy rugby viral tackle video

    I’m sure many other have seen this video going viral recently: https://twitter.com/nabasboer/status/1109361691677114368?s=21 What’s the RRF consensus? For my $0.02, I think it’s a straight red under 9.11 or 9.13 - tackler not in control, tackled player’s head/neck is first point of contact...
  8. C

    [Tackle] Offside after tackle?

    Hi everyone, please look at the picture: Blue 1 tackles Red 1, no Ruck is formed. Red 9 passes the ball to his team-mate, but Blue 4 grabs it (he was returning to his part of the field. Is this offside? Ball should be played from behind, but is Blue 4 to be considere playing the ball?
  9. J

    Tackle or not?

    Red attacker with the ball is wrapped up by blue defender. Blue defender half rips the ball and in the process red goes to his knees but holds on to the ball I usually shout 'release' but often, red complains he was the ball carrier Am I right?
  10. B

    Interrupted tackle sequence...

    I’ll try to describe this, but please bear with me. Ball carrier A was tackled by player B so when the landed they formed an L with the ball carrier A landing north/south and the tackler B laying on the ball carriers legs going east/west. Immediately, the ball carrier released the ball in the...