1. Flish

    Tackle short of the line, placed, ruck formed, ruck pushes over the goal line, decision?

    Tackle has been called as short, ball is still 'placed' by the tackled ball carrier on the ground, and now over the line (not a holding on penalty), and not the back player at the ruck placing the ball down, just dragged over the line by the attacking team rucking (now an ex ruck). Thoughts?
  2. L

    Ball carrier repeatedly getting to his feet and playing the ball

    I had this happen in a U19 game I reffed on Saturday. Blue ball carrier, strong runner, gets tackled, releases ball, gets to his feet, picks up ball, goes again. I don’t ping because he releases and got back to his feet before playing the ball again. This happened 3 times in probably 15 seconds...
  3. L

    What’s allowed when no one is left in the ruck?

    Please help me wrap my head around the technicalities of the law here and how it is refereed in practice. I’ve tried to find other discussions of this but haven’t felt that I’ve found a full explanation. Red player takes ball into contact. Blue player makes a tackle. One red support player and...
  4. Dave Elliott

    Would you ping for off feet?

    So, Quins v Exeter, final play, Quins player turns over the ball, BUT would you ping for off feet? he has gone beyond the ball, supporting his weight on the floor before he grabs the ball? thoughts?
  5. N

    [Ruck] Jackaling

    Hey all, I play back row in a Turkish team, and was away from rugby for a long time because of a series of injuries. What I am wondering is the refs’ opinions on “jackaling.” Before the rule change it was pretty straightforward, no contact no ruck, so jackaling was allowed. The new ruck rule...
  6. T

    [Ruck] 15.4 c

    One of last year's new rule changes included 15.4 c which directly referred to 'THE GATE' I cant find mention of the gate in RUCK or Tackle sections of the laws. Does this mean the gate is no longer a relevant concept? Or have I just missed where it is referred to? Is it generally understood to...
  7. C

    [Ruck] New tactics being deployed from new law changes

    I enjoy listening to the Rugby Dungeon podcast and a recent episode with Glasgow coach, Kenny Murray was interesting when he talked about the new tactics they were hoping to exploit this season. I hadn't seen it coming so.thought it worth tipping off fellow refs on here. Now (2017), a ruck is...
  8. Pablo

    [Ruck] Refuse to engage, pull rucking opponent off feet

    Would value the thoughts of the hive mind on the following situation I encountered last week: Red ball carrier tackled Blue tackler releases and moves far enough away to not be penalised, though slow to feet Red support arrives, adopts rucking position over tackle zone, though no blue...
  9. B

    [Ruck] Diving on an emerging ball coming out of ruck

    England V France VI Nations Saturday 4th Feb 2017 . At 33 mins, ball is coming out of Ruck. Ref says: "It's out". Then England number 7 dives on it. Ref pings him says "can't dive on emerging ball" -This is correct, England ask: "But, you said it was out". Ref says: it has to be clearly out...
  10. C

    [Tackle] Offside after tackle?

    Hi everyone, please look at the picture: Blue 1 tackles Red 1, no Ruck is formed. Red 9 passes the ball to his team-mate, but Blue 4 grabs it (he was returning to his part of the field. Is this offside? Ball should be played from behind, but is Blue 4 to be considere playing the ball?
  11. C

    Arriving Players' responsibilities ?

    Got a complaint from a coach of a juniors match I reffed at this weekend. Tackled player (red) and tackler(blue) gone to ground. Blue tackler releases red ok. The first arriving blue player (and in some cases, he arrived almost immediately ) stated jackling for the ball. Red player ( on the...
  12. C

    Where is this 'playing the 9' offence at ruck found in the laws, please

    i ve been through the ruck law and cant find a law to back up the penalty against a defender,at a ruck, who is attempting to disrupt the opposing 9 by contacting him. typically this takes the form of knocking his hands or grabbing the 9s shirt to pull him into the ruck? I appreciate its an...
  13. J

    Where's the offsides line?

    I recently read a post someone made (which at the time made sense in my head) that stated just because two people who are rucking disengage from each other doesn't mean the ruck ended. Essentially they were going by the ruck laws saying that a ruck can only end a few ways, and if the rucking...
  14. J

    Counter Rucker Options?

    Hi, Just wanted to brush up on this particular aspects of rucks (more so to improve my ability as a player.) I was wondering what options are available to a counter rucker in regards to playing the ball, and playing the man on the opposing team who's in the scrummy position, pulling the ball...
  15. R

    SA - Aus (2012-09-29)

    Radike Samo would make a good offensive tackle.