1. C

    [Scrum] Confused about these 2 scrum laws. Help please !

    Law 20.12 (b) - Offside for scrum-halves. When a team has won the ball in a scrum, the scrum half of that team is offside if both feet are in front of the ball while it is still in the scrum. If the scrum half has only one foot in front of the ball, the scrum half is not offside. Hang on, as...
  2. M

    Uncontested scrums and STE on Sevens

    So I was watching a game from last weekends HSBC Series and as a hooker* was YC'ed wondered about that possiblity. Do the scrum players in Sevens need to be STE? How many FR (or only row) replacements should be? What if a team after two days of playing can't field 3 FRs on a final because of...
  3. L

    New Zealand Domestic Safety Law Variations

    For those refs from NZ. Have moved to NZ and am going to start refereeing for the Bay of Plenty. Just looking through the DSLVs and one of them has me confused. 12c When a team has won the ball in a scrum, the scrum-half of the opposing team is off-side if that scrum-half steps in front of the...
  4. N

    front row binding with a disabled player

    Hi, Been reading a few posts on binding, and this got me thinking about a game i had where the LH prop only had 1 arm. He was a bit of a vet and he said in 20 yrs no-one had batted an eyelid at it. Me being new was unsure so asked the conveniently placed assessor on the pitch next door, who had...
  5. Chogan

    No scrum resets ever

    What opinions are out there if all scrums that ended unsuccessfuly were never reset. As the scrum is firstly a method of restarting play and secondly a contest for possession, would there be any merit in awarding free kicks after every unsuccessful scrum to the team awarded the scrum? The...
  6. J

    20.2 - C) Hooker in a position to hook ?

    I'm just trying to brush up on all the laws of Scrums (especially the weird possibilities involving scrums), when I came across this particular law: (c) Hooker in a position to hook. Until the ball is thrown in, the hooker must be in a position to hook the ball. The hookers must have both...
  7. J

    Number 8 Pickup with uncontested scrum

    I posted this in general and it seems I was wrong to say the number 8 cannot pick up Is it just an under 19s thing or have I got this wrong as well
  8. C

    RRF Clalirifaction Request - numbers in scrum at U19

    So here is a another proposed clarification request from, another common occurence, and an old chestnut with different opinions - would be great to have a ruling) Background In the U19 variations Law 20.1 (f) specifies that the number of players in the scrum from each team must...
  9. D

    Controlling the gap

    Okay so i had my first "proper" game last Saturday and it didn't go too bad. However at nearly every scrum the away front rows always seemed to move closer to the mark meaning that the gap at "crouch" was barely 30cm. It didn't seem much of a problem but after a few queries from the home...