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    Front Row

    Talk to ref society, but not as a complaint.
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    5 metre lineout this weekend

    Not keen on making the attackers go 10% further than they should. We don't make kickers kick penalties 10% further.
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    Scrum advantage before 80:00

    What about penalty advantages?
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    "Tackle Only"

    This phrase was called out by WB in the SF more than once. What is the point?
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    RWC QF Cardiff - accommodation

    Any ideas for accommodation for 2 around this match, please?
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    England v Italy Vinipola Try?

    I thought the grounding was OK, but before that wasn't the ball on the Italian player who was on the ground and in contact with the touch in goal line. Therefore, ball out of play. No try?
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    Cape Town

    Looks like I'll be heading for Cape Town in April for 2-3 months. It would be good to get some reffing in. Any contacts anyone?
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    Hants 1 Rules / Regs

    Can someone provide a link, please. [Been struggling to find on web or get email responses from a cople of people].
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    Can anyone suggest any sevens happening over easter that might be short of refs?
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    4th Official - any info / tips

    I may get the chance to be 4th official at the Rugby Legends match at the the Stoop next week. Haven't done the role before - any info / tips, please?
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    Any Kent Refs on here?

    I have an exchange coming up and would like some info insights off line, please.
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    Ball dead after hitting tree?

    Ball kicked out and hits tree. Player grabs ball and takes a QT. No lineout formed. Was the ball dead when it hit the tree and therefore no QT allowed? I let them play on, then teammate of QT-er told me it had hit a tree and was therefore dead. Thoughts?
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    First Assessment in a L9 game

    As an L10 I did my first match at L9 a couple of weeks ago (ref numbers are a bit short at the moment, but I'm delighted to get these opportunities). That one went well for the 1st half but 2nd half suffered a bit from not being used to keep higher concentration levels going throughout. So, I...
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    Reffing up a few levels

    Had a great opportunity on Saturday to answer a question that had been on my mind for some time. Was due to do L11 game, but home 2nd team L8 had no ref so I was asked to switch matches. Anyone else had this sort of thing happen? Really enjoyed it. Good feedback from both sets of players /...
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    Influenced by the Ground?

    I did a match last weekend. Not my best, not my worst, but I have reffed at this ground 4 times now and I've never been at my best there. Could be co-oncidence, but I've started wondering if I need to up my mental preparation for this place. It's a council playing field used for different...