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    [Law] Advantage criteria

    Hello all, I have a question about advantage in general. Law 7 states: 2. Advantage ends when: a) The referee deems that the non-offending team has gained an advantage. The referee allows play to continue; What are the criteria of the referee on gaining advantage? When does the ref deem an...
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    [Law] on your Mark's

    Hello all, I am back with another question! Law 17.1(a) states: To claim a mark, a player must: a)Have at least one foot on or behind their own 22-metre line when catching the ball or when landing having caught it in the air... Now, suppose that Red 15 jumps to catch the ball, catches it...
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    [Law] Regarding a Try

    Hello all, first post here, hope I don't make anything wrong :hap: Today I was looking at the 2018 laws and noticed something that looked a bit different to me: 8.2: A try is scored when an attacking player: e) Who is in touch or touch-in-goal, grounds the ball in the opponents’ in-goal...
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    Quick Rundown / Things To Look Out For?

    Hi, I lost my original post so I'm going to re-write this briefly. I haven't refereed in 2 years and haven't played in 1 year. I'm getting back into refereeing this Saturday in a B-side / friendly match between my former D1 college team and another D1 college team. I'm fairly knowledgeable on...
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    Knock on into touch - option?

    The latest law trial for knock on "straight" into touch, option of scrum at the knock on or lineout where the ball crossed the line. My question: does it matter whether the ball bounced in-play before going into touch? If the ball bounces in play and then goes into touch, do you still provide...
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    Ripping the Ball

    Sorry if this debate has already been had, but on reading trough the Law's online and trying to familiarise myself with some of the clarifications, I came across this: For the sake of improving consistency of ruling from referees worldwide, in the following scenarios, has a knock-on occurred...