penalty kick

  1. V

    Who gets the scrum after a team runs down the clock after a penalty kick?

    Sorry guys, I’m overthinking it all again… The laws are pretty clear that once a team awarded a penalty decides to kick at goal they are tied in. 8.20 If the team indicates to the referee the intention to kick at goal, they must kick at goal. So what happens if a team changes their mind and...
  2. J

    [Law] Mark from a penalty

    I was wondering if the defending team can call a Mark if the attacking teams kick was from a penalty.
  3. J

    [Law] Penalty kicked over dead ball line

    Hi, Blue team awarded a penalty on Reds 10 metre line. Blue takes the penalty with gusto and it goes through Reds dead ball area and over the dead ball line. I awarded a 22 metre drop out, should it have been a scrum where the penalty was taken?
  4. C

    [Line out] Questions about quick line out and penalty kick

    Hello everyone, sorry If i ask two different questions in one thread but I'd like not to spam. Questions: If the ball goes out of the perimeter area, is a quick throw still allowed? (Assuming it bounces back or one player goes out to fetch it). Can you provide examples (videos or...
  5. J

    Kick At Goal - Ball Over Top Of Post

    Could someone clarify and cite me the law that dictates if the goal is awarded when a kick taken for points goes directly over the top of the goal post. Is the goal awarded or not?
  6. J

    penalty kick bounces before touch

    I have always given the kicking team the throw in even if the ball bounces before it goes into touch. I was questioned on this today. Am I right? I can't find a reference in the law book
  7. ruareftrev91

    Penalty faux pas

    At a recent level 8 league game red were awarded a penalty kick in their own 22. Red 10 went to kick the ball from hand into touch, released the ball then missed it completely doing an 'air shot'. The referee gave a scrum at the mark to green. After much chuckling at the kicking ability of red...